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The wheel is a physical tool to use for your planning on your own, in collaboration with another teacher or professional, or even with your learners if appropriate. It is a way for you to generate questions about a theme or topic. The Wheel combines the CREATIONS Features of creative science education with the Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) cycle and some prompts for artistic forms that could be used.

What is IBSE?  IBSE mirrors scientific methods and practices through seven stages: Question (posing questions), Evidence (collecting relevant experimental evidence or evidence from secondary sources), Analyse (data-processing and pattern-spotting), Explain (explain the findings and how they relate to the question), Connect (connect the results with the wider field of knowledge), Communicate (share findings with others) and Reflect (think about what was learned and what the next questions might be). Research studies have linked scientific inquiry scaffolded by the IBSE cycle with the development of learner creativity.

Make your own wheel by downloading the file below and cutting it out.


How to use the Wheel:

  • Using the central wheel, there are prompts to begin discussions.
  • On the second layer, which is structured around the IBSE Cycle, each stage of the cycle is represented with further prompts to probe thinking.
  • On the third and fourth layers you can see the CREATIONS Features and Arts disciplines/practices.
  • At each stage the person using the wheel has an opportunity to consider how they might integrate the Features and Arts practices into their plan.

The Wheel represents the full seven stages of the IBSE cycle (Question, Evidence, Analyse, Explain, Connect, Communicate, Reflect).  These seven stages are also included in the Teaching Guides which have been planned by using the Wheel.