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CREATIONS Honeycombs

The Honeycombs are a detailed planning tool which combine the CREATIONS Features of a creative science education with the Inquiry Based Scientific Education (IBSE) cycle. Each page of the honeycomb resource is dedicated to one of the 7 IBSE steps, which are also included on the CREATIONS Wheel.

What is IBSE?  IBSE mirrors scientific methods and practices through seven stages: Question (posing questions), Evidence (collecting relevant experimental evidence or evidence from secondary sources), Analyse (data-processing and pattern-spotting), Explain (explain the findings and how they relate to the question), Connect (connect the results with the wider field of knowledge), Communicate (share findings with others) and Reflect (think about what was learned and what the next questions might be). Research studies have linked scientific inquiry scaffolded by the IBSE cycle with the development of learner creativity.

How to use the Honeycombs:

Each honeycomb can be used as a prompt or support for individual stages of the IBSE process (shown in the Wheel).  It suggests questions you might ask of learners, the kinds of questions that you might anticipate from learners, and a number of examples of arts-driven practices that you might engage in with learners during that stage of the IBSE cycle.

Around each honeycomb you will also find further questions and prompts to further support your learners in questioning how the arts can be employed, used, integrated, or enhanced during this stage of the process.

The CREATIONS Features are highlighted across the honeycombs, providing examples of how they are driving the planning at each stage.


Download the CREATIONS honeycombs below.