Sci-Arts Creative Teaching Resource

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Welcome to the Sci-Arts Creative Teaching Resource: a set of teaching guides and planning tools which support transdisciplinary science and arts teaching, engage learners with science and helps them to develop their own scientific creativity.

The resource is:

For Science and Arts teachers in primary schools (KS2) and secondary schools (KS3, 4 and 5)

For CPD providers for science or arts education

Transdisciplinary: it is designed to support teachers from different disciplines to work together

The resource is based on the CREATIONS Features of a creative science education.  A series of Planning Tools support teachers to use the Features in their own planning.  The Teaching Guides, designed by researchers and teachers working together, are examples of the Features in action and can be used to support the science and arts curriculum from key stages 2-5. The resource is based on an evidence base developed by the CREATIONS research team and other colleagues.

“Looking at art and science as an interdisciplinary subject has opened my eyes to the possibilities of how children learn more deeply and in a less stressful context”
(Primary teacher, Wellington)

“Given students the element of fun”
(Secondary teacher, Bideford)

“It helped us to use creative understanding in the whole journey of learning, not just in the outcomes, and that helped to embed the scientific knowledge and understanding for the children”
(Primary teacher, Totnes)

“Really good planning resource”
(Secondary teacher, Bideford)

The resource has grown from the EU-funded project CREATIONS (Grant Agreement No.66517; It has been developed by a team from the University of Exeter, Science and Technology Facilities Council, University of Birmingham and the Institute of Physics. It is funded by a UoE ESRC Impact Acceleration Account award. The main resource for CREATIONS is the EU Open Discovery Space.

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